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Computer Tools for Linguists

My last blog entry was about a new course I would like to design and teach. But some of you were thinking, “hey, what happened to the other course, the one about linguists?” And you are right. No one word since then. But now, I am finally ready to release the course to the world. I will defend on April 11th, but all the content is ready. So, here you go :-) (it is only the content; exercises, syllabus and defense document not included… until I pass the defense)

The course is a hands-on and pragmatic introduction to those computer tools that can be used in Linguistic, from basic computer concepts, to give an understanding of how machines work, to applications, programming languages and programs that can make the life of the linguist researcher a little bit easier. The course will cover subjects such as computers architecture, programming languages, regular expressions, the general purpose language Python, the statistical language R, and the set of tools for child language analysis, CHILDES.

Feel free to report any error!


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